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Leslie' Miniature Director's Chair (made by Yokko)

開催時間:14:55開場 15:10スタート  17:40終了
内容:映画上映「夢翔る人 色情男女」、ゲストトーク、ロビー展示
会場:大阪・天王寺(新今宮) 動物園前シネフェスタ
    大阪市浪速区恵美須東3-4-36 フェスティバルゲート7F

Day: 30th November,2003
Time:1:00pm- reception
3:10-3:50pm Talk (Guest: Hiromichi Ugaya)
4:00-5:40pm Film ”Viva Erotica!"
at:Cine Festa(Osaka)

2003年11月30日に「レスリーに逢いたくて Meet Leslie Osaka」というイベントが成功したことを報告します。
We are so glad to inform you that we heve succeeded in holding an event named "Meet Leslie Osaka" on 30th November,2003.

The memorial film shows in Japan were over,but many fans, including us, still wanted to meet Leslie on the screen.So we planed this event.

歓迎は笑顔のレスリーたち! ロビーのガラス窓に展示物を。 映画関連コーナー。スタッフの好みも出ています^-^;
香港のイベントから持ち帰ったロールスクリーンをお借りしました。多謝!>HANAEさん レスリーの好きな美しいカサブランカを飾ってくださいました。 さぁ〜、いよいよ入場ですぅ。受付スタッフたち。
ロビーには早く来られたファンの方々がくつろいでいらっしゃいました グッズコーナーは大忙しでした~_~; 開場待ちの列。みなさま、早くからご苦労様でした。
パッションコーナー用の写真 「國榮美」に始まり「神のギフト」、「エロくて可憐」・・・とファンの誉め言葉集! 香港関連団体への署名を集めました。
記録係も場内を走り回って。 映画のワンシーンを集めた小さな小さな展示 でかいでー。ここのスクリーンは。レスリのおしりも特大で、照(ぽっ)。
れすT(長袖new)の販売もしました☆ 「まちごめ」販促部長の QP。
RED missionの告知も。
めいっぱい、色情〜っ。sing監督〜!小さければ小さいほど、また愛おしい展示の写真だったり、ね。 イベント終了後のロビー。当選発表〜!で非常にざわついています。
パッションコーナー! Thanks. 涙玉!


In this event, Mr.Hiromichi Ugaya who interviewed Leslie in 1998 was the guest.And the movie "VIVA EROTICA" was shown.
You know, in this movie Leslie plays the role of director.Because of this point, a lot of people voted for it when we asked which movie did they want to watch the best on this web-page.And we stuck many photographs of him on the windows of the passage and lobby, placed a handmade miniature director's chair for Leslie. (Look at the photo above this page)


Many people felt strong concern for the event.All the advance tickets were sold out immediately.Fans from all over the country(even from Okinawa!) gathered at Cine Festa, Osaka.People stood in a long line 2 hours before the opening time. They looked at these photographs eagerly or enjoyed talking to their friends they hadn't met each other for a long time.Finally, 202 people joined the event.


Mr.Ugaya talked about his memories with Leslie.He mentioned the following episode which shows Leslie's honesty. At first,he was to interview Leslie in 1997,but at that time Leslie caught a cold, and so he could not interview Leslie.The next year, when he met Leslie at the hotel, Leslie said to him in the beginning of the interview, "I'm sorry about the last time."
Yes, Leslie didn't forget that he had canceled the last year's interview and apologized for it. He described Leslie's image as delicate and graceful. And he said the great beauty of Leslie is beyond the boundary between male and female. Mr.Ugaya's talk was very interesting and the audiences listened intently and sometimes laughed.

Photo by Fin,MOMOKO,Honya





大阪市住之江区南港北1-14-16コスモタワー46F4601 TEL:

It was a bit cloudy but a warm day. We shared the wonderful and precious time, place and feelings with many fans.The place was filled with many smiles, warmth and peaceful atmosphere.


Leslie showed us many important things to live, like what's the love,how to treat the people, the attitude toward the work. Love,Friendship,Honesty,Faith and Passion are just the words for him.He encouraged us anytime, anywhere.
Now, we are all survivors. We felt sad deeply this April.But we are recovering from that grief and going ahead little by little.We, fans of Leslie in all over the world, can take hand in hand and cooperate to extend the legend of Leslie.

We shall love our everlasting star, Mr.Leslie Cheung, forever and ever.

プレゼントの当選者発表はSing監督から♪ Thanks. 哥哥的一天! Thanks. 姫☆



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